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About 8 Villas

Single Storey Design

As single-story design plan, these homes really go against the normal design aesthetics usually chosen by developers in Thailand. The benefits include the ability to maximise all usable space and provide access to the pool from the master bedroom and living area. Having a single-story design reduces electric bills as it is easier to maintain climate control than that of a two-story design. The free-flowing usable floor plan is popular with both the younger and older generations making these villas very popular to different age groups.

Pool Lifestyle

The concept of being different does not stop there; the design makes the pool lifestyle and experience the very best it can be by providing 2.5-meter-high walls around each villa to provide complete privacy as you relax in your pool. Worried about pool maintenance? – don’t be. The Estate Service makes pool ownership easy by providing pool cleaning once per week and testing and adjusting the PH and chlorine balance for your health and safety.

Quality & Security

Another groundbreaking first are the electronic gates with CCTV, operated by owners’ smartphones. The aim is to make residents at 8 Villas feel safe and secure and enjoy their lifestyle experience to the fullest. Another big part of the concept to be better is by providing a build quality not seen in this region before. Great pride is taken on the very strict measures taken to ensure that all products, fixtures and fittings are of the highest quality and meet demanding Western-style standards. It is all about detail and that is what sets 8 Villas apart from other project homes, even down to providing guttering and landscaping on all homes. The unique design and style make 8 Villas a great choice for both Thai and International buyers alike.

Why Buy 8 Villas? We say, “Come and see for yourself!”

Same Same but Different!”

This is a term commonly used when vendors sell in Thailand. Well, that’s not quite true with 8 Villas. You get to choose varying land plot sizes with the ability to work with the designers to discuss your future dream home.

Generous living space starting at 250 sq. mts.

Luxury Living with 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms fully furnished. Land size = 76.5 Talang Wah

Larger land size 3 Bedroom, 2 bathrooms fully furnished. Land size = 92.7 Talang Wah


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